Bio Fabrication Factory

We are founded in 2004, and located in the scenic Jiangning economic development zone, owning advanced equipment and high efficient management, factory occupies an area more than 8000 sqm. Its yearly output of WPC materials is more than 6000 tons. By putting the creation and basic technology to an important place, to improve our product constantly, we cooperate with Universities and Research Institutions, new products are being developed every year.

Bio Fabrication Helps Climate Change

All products are made from recycle plastic, wasted natural cellulose (such as wood powder, rice chaff, straw, bamboo powder and other natural fibers) and the relevant coupling agent with a special processing techniques and equipment. So WPC products have the advantages of both plastic and wood: such as not damage from ultravio-let, pests and fungi erosion. Waterproof, not crack or rot, ease of cutting, sawing, planing, drilling and screw fixation. WPC has a natural feeling and appearance as wood, close to nature, doesn’t contain ingredients harmful to the human body, environment friendly, make full use of the waste of resources, greatly reducing the waste on the environment caused by pollution, reduce the invasion and occupation of waste on the environment space. WPC products can be recycled, it is truly a green environmentally friendly products. The principle of BIO FABRICATION is save energy, save forest, do our bit to decease the climate change.

Bio Fabrication Business

Products not only welcome domestically, but also exported to France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan.